Killed in the Line of Duty Life Protection

“We are very proud to be the first financial institution to offer line of duty debt protection on its mortgage loans. Our members can have loan balances with us in aggregate of $850,000, and if they are killed in the line of duty, their complete debt obligation (up to $850,000), is wiped away and forgiven, and not passed onto their families. The best part is that this protection is paid for by our Credit Union and not by the member.”

Qualification Requirements

Borrower must be:

  • A member if the credit union

  • Under 70 years of age at loan inception

  • A sworn peace officer

  • Actively employed in that role full-time

  • Employed by a federal, state, county or municipal agency

Transcript for video is available after the video.


You risk your life everyday to protect and serve
With no guarantee that you will make it home
The Finest FCU will forgive debt up to $850,000
At no cost to their members
Killed in the line of duty life protection
Take care of your family’s financial future even when you are gone