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Mobile deposit capture lets you deposit your checks in the convenience of your home, work, or on the go! Just snap a picture of your endorsed check, and we’ll get the funds into your linked account before the end of the next business day.

Getting Started:

  • First you’ll need to download our app “The Finest Federal Credit Union” (available for Android or Apple smart phones or tablets)

  • Set up a username for yourself in the deposit tab of the app

  • Username must be between 3 and 20 characters and must start with an alphabetical letter

  • Remote Deposit password requirements are:

    • Minimum 8 Characters – Maximum 20 characters;

    • At least one special character

  • Lastly, we’ll review your username request and send you a confirmation when you have been approved and can start depositing. Once approved you will receive a confirmation and will be able to begin using our mobile deposit

  • Please remember to endorse the back of the check by signing your name, writing your account number and including the words “Remote Deposit”


Our Online Banking System, It’sMe247, is a secure site that allows you to access your accounts anytime you want from a computer or smart phone. The system allows you to do update your information, view transactions and e-statements, set up text and email alerts, and move money between your credit union accounts or linked external accounts.

  • eStatements with 12 months of viewable records

  • Message Center with E-Alert and Text Alert options

  • Free Online Bill Pay for members with a checking account

  • Instant transfers between your credit union accounts or with linked accounts at other institutions

  • Quick loan applications and instant certificate or savings club openings

  • Money Desktop personal financial manager

Getting Started:

You can access It’sMe247 Online Banking as soon as you are a member! Login for the first time by using the last 4 digits of your social security number within 90 days of opening your membership. If it’s been more than 90 days, just give us a call to reset your password.

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Easy Pay Online Bill Pay allows members with a checking account to quickly and easily pay their bills online. Electronic payments can be set up to major companies and utilities, like conEdison, or a paper check can be sent to a person or company not set up to receive electronic payments, like a landlord or family member.

  • Free and unlimited payments

  • Easy bill pay set up with a list of common payees

  • Due date reminders and automatic payment options

  • Viewable bills from your linked companies

Getting Started:

Sign up for Easy Pay Online Bill Pay in the Pay Bills tab of It’s Me 247 Online Banking. It will take 24-hours to set up your account once you’ve accepted the user agreement. Once your account is established, set up your first bills using the tutorial below. See additional tips and features in our Video Tutorial Library.


CU*Talk phone banking is the fast and convenient way to access your accounts when you’re on the go. All you need is a touch-tone phone and your member number.

  • Phone banking gives you the ability to:

  • Transfer funds between your Finest accounts

  • Withdraw from your accounts by requesting a check sent to your primary address

  • Check recent activity on accounts including cleared checks

  • Get current CU rates and loan estimate calculations


Your membership is automatically set up to access phone banking. Call from your phone to access phone banking.


  • Call (800) 860-5704 and use the last 4 digits of your social security number as your pin.

  • You will then be prompted to create a customized pin. Your temporary pin of the last four digits of your social will expire after 90 days of opening your membership.

  • If it has been longer than 90 days since you’ve accessed your account with Phone Banking, please give us a call at (800) 860-5704 and we will reset your pin.

  • Once you have successfully logged in, follow the prompts to navigate the phone banking menus.

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Text Banking

Text Banking allows you to conveniently receive banking information with real time alerts from The Finest FCU on any phone that can receive text messaging. You can check balances by sending a simple BAL request to 46-247 (IM-247), and set up regular alerts for balance limits, loan payments or transactions on your accounts. Click here for more information.


You can enroll in Text Banking by clicking on the “Go Mobile” button on the It’s Me 247 toolbar at the top of this page. Then select Text Banking Home to access the enrollment screens.


See some of the text banking Frequently Asked Questions for useful hints on using text banking. Watch the video below to see how to enroll your phone number and accounts in Text Banking using It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

Re-Order Checks

If it is your first time ordering checks please contact the credit union.